• I am a full member of several professional editorial bodies – click here  for more details
  • I have received extensive professional training – click here for more details 
  • I have over seventeen years of editorial in-house experience – click here for more details
  • I am experienced in commercial, literary, education and academic publishing – click here for more details
  • I can work on many formats: InDesign, Word, PDF, hard copy

I have worked in-house. I was a production editor for an incredible independent publisher for almost fourteen years, and before that spent several years as an editorial assistant and permissions administrator. I have worn all the hats, and I know all about the tight turnaround times and restrictive budgets. I know you will be managing queries on and schedules for multiple titles at any given time, and I understand the need to read a manuscript, not just for sense, but for key selling points, potential blurb quotes, possible legal issues, text that may require permissions clearance, and, since the dawn of the eBook, metadata and SEO terms.

I was once the person who commissioned freelance editors, so I appreciate what it means to be in your shoes. Maybe you have the time (and budget!) to put the MS through the whole gamut of editorial servicing before the proofread, or maybe you need someone who can offer you a hybrid edit. Maybe you prefer that the editorial freelancer works directly with your author to resolve all queries; or maybe your author will discuss matters only with you.

Whatever you need, I will understand (I have been there!), and I can work with you to build the most suitable editorial package for your title, letting you carry on with the hundreds of other tasks that go on behind the scenes in a publishing house.

  • I am an experienced editor and have worked in publishing since 2003 – click here for more details
  • I have edited or proofread commercial, literary, education and academic books – click here for more details
  • I am a full member of several professional editorial bodies – click here for more details
  • I have received extensive professional training – click here for more details 
  • I can work on many formats: InDesign, Word, PDF, hard copy

Writing is an incredibly personal thing. Your book, no matter the genre, plotline, or outcome, is an extension of you, and I want you to know that I understand this. I know how daunting it can be to send that writing to someone else, never mind someone you know will be reading with a critical (albeit constructive!) eye. I have worked with writers who told me I was the first to even see their book – they hadn’t even shown it to their family. They, like all my authors, trusted me to do my best for their book, and that is an incredible honour – one that I do not take lightly. My job is to advise, not make you second-guess your ability. I want to help you make your book the best that it can be.

I have extensive publishing experience and have taken books through the entire process – from commissioning to print – and, what’s more, I am always happy to talk about what’s involved. The workings of the publishing world can seem like a closely guarded secret, but I aim to demystify the process and help no matter what stage of the journey you are on.

  • I guarantee confidentiality
  • I have experience of working on corporate documentation
  • I can work on many formats: InDesign, Word, PDF, hard copy
  • I can proofread a wide range of content, including:
    • Website text
    • Annual reports
    • Operational documents
    • Business plans
    • Marketing materials (blogs, leaflets, guides, etc.)
    • Promotional documentation (catalogues, advertisements, stationery, direct mail brochures, etc.)
    • Internal documents (company newsletters, manuals, presentations, etc.)

If you have ever seen a storefront, website or social media post with a glaring typo, or grammatical or factual error, you will know how much it jars. It creates a negative impression and, whether we realise or not, lessens our opinion of that business. At best, the company may seem careless; at worst, the customer may doubt the knowledge, expertise, or professionalism of that business.

It is my job to correct textual or grammatical errors and help businesses large and small put their best foot forward. I specialise in taking a message and honing it into the best version of itself while still reflecting the brand voice you have worked so hard to establish.

I have extensive experience of editing and proofreading text for corporate documentation, having worked on publications for a variety of large companies and institutions. My service is fully confidential, and ownership of the content remains with you. Your materials, and our business relationship, will never be disclosed to others.

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  • I am educated to MA level (History)
  • I have a particular interest in modern Irish history
  • I have extensive experience of proofreading references, bibliographies, endnotes and footnotes
  • I guarantee confidentiality
  • I offer affordable rates – contact me for more details

You’ve poured your heart into your dissertation or thesis and you’re proud of the long hours and hard work that it represents. However, you have now reached a point where you just can’t see the wood for the trees. You need someone else to step in and check that you have been consistent, and that your grammar, punctuation, spelling and formatting are all in order – that’s where I come in. And if you are writing in English as a second language, I can make small changes to grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure, so long as the sense of the original sentence remains.

What you need to know…

  • It is imperative that, before booking my services, or those of any professional proofreader, you check your institution’s guidelines for commissioning proofreading services, and you receive permission to do so from your supervisor.
  • You are the author of the dissertation or thesis, and as such, you hold the copyright to work – including the proofread version and any amendments therein.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the content of your work is correct and that it conforms to the guidelines of your institution.
  • The work you submit must be your own, so there are limitations to what any proofreader or editor can do.

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