‘I first worked with Michelle Griffin in the editing of two manuscripts which eventually led to the publishing of my books on Milltown and Belfast City Cemeteries in 2014. The relationship between editor and author has the potential to generate depression, anxiety and lots of sleepless nights. This was not the case with Michelle, her professionalism and meticulous approach was balanced by a generosity of spirit and the ability to extract my literary best as we edited our way through my manuscripts.’
‘Michelle is a fantastic editor and proofreader who was highly regarded by all of the authors we dealt with. I’m happy to recommend her services to anyone interested in quality publishing.’
‘Michelle removed only the right things … It couldn't have been done without you.’
‘Particular appreciation is due to Michelle for her advice and for patiently guiding me through the consultation and editing processes of publishing.’
‘Thanks, Michelle – for everything. For making this book better. For your patience, understanding and geekiness!’
‘Michelle has spoiled me rotten in terms of what editors are really like. I dread the first time I work with anyone else.’
‘A huge and heartfelt thank you for all you’ve done for me and for ‘Folk’d’ these last few years. I hope you’re not the last editor I ever work with, but I’m pretty certain you’re always gonna be the best.’
‘First class work, thank you so much.’
Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council
‘Gulliver’s Trail’ (2020)
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‘Michelle is an excellent and dedicated editor and I believe her editing input substantially improved my manuscript. The vast majority of changes that she suggested I make were eventually incorporated into the finished text. Now, when I read the book, I am really glad those changes were made. She struck the right balance between improving the narrative while remaining focused on the deadline. She was meticulous and thorough and I found working with Michelle enjoyable and hugely beneficial. Apart from being personable, she is forthright, honest and committed. I cannot recommend her highly enough.’
‘Michelle worked with me … with great understanding of the subject.’
‘I highly recommend Michelle as an editor. It is always nerve-wracking to send your manuscript to someone, but since we started working, Michelle has made me feel comfortable and calm. This atmosphere let me share ideas and feel less stressed about the process. Her assessment was constructive and helped me to understand the further direction of the story. Thank you for your work, patience and advice!’ 
Mary Rume
Stone Flower (2021)
‘Blackstaff Press have been a pleasure to work with and we are especially grateful to […] Michelle Griffin for her interest in and enthusiasm for this project.’ 
‘To Michelle Griffin and all the crew … for their energy and commitment.’
‘I wish to acknowledge the help provided by my editor, Michelle Griffin, whose suggestions were always cogent and the execution of which have undoubtedly made this book better.’
‘I would also like to thank … Colourpoint Books for expressing interest in this book and, along with editor Michelle Griffin and colleagues, helping it through the production process.’
‘Behind every good author there is an even better editor. Michelle Griffin is one such editor who will take your manuscript and make it stronger. I had the pleasure of working with her on my book and she had a firm hand when needed but managed to work her magic with a smile and a certain quietness. She did an excellent job, I cannot recommend her highly enough.’
‘Thanks again, Michelle, for all your work on this. The Pen Friend.’ 
‘It was a privilege to work with you on the St Patrick book. You understood exactly what I was trying to do and were ever helpful and supportive throughout.’
‘Michelle Griffin is one of the very best. She is scrupulous, sensitive and gifted. The book she worked on required not only a special editor but a special person, such were the sensitivities involved. And, while being meticulous about what the book needed, she was never anything other than keenly, instinctively, alert to the human beings concerned.’
‘Michelle added and subtracted, chiselled and sculpted my original manuscript into something worth reading. It has been enlightening.’
‘Thanks for taking us on, we hope you enjoyed it as much as us.’ 
‘Thanks to my editor, Michelle Griffin, for her consistent support and effort in bringing this book to fruition.’
‘Thanks to editor Michelle Griffin for her endless patience in the struggle to make it seem like we knew what we were writing about.’
‘Michelle [did] a brilliant job on the edit, as she had on the previous book about Oz.’